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We'll start from a cosuming side (download) rather than a producing site (uploading).

How to download a YouTube video

Though there are numerous ways of downloading the video, we'll use youtube-dl:

$ youtube-dl

If we do not want to delete the original before youtube-dl merges, we can use k option:

$ youtube-dl -k

Check what files are there:

$ ls
Yosemite HD-N6-2fVsFV8E.f171.webm  Yosemite HD-N6-2fVsFV8E.f264.mp4  Yosemite HD-N6-2fVsFV8E.mkv

We may want to rename it to a simple one such as YosemiteHDI.mp4 for later use.

Here is the downloaded video:

Extracting i-frames

We can do more than just download a video.

Please visit YouTube extract-iframe page

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